Shortly after relocating to NC I discovered the gourd as an art form. Gourds are grown locally and available in their natural state at a local Farmer's Market.  They are covered with a layer of dirt and grime.  Cleaning, cutting and drilling holes are all part of the process.  Color can be added in many ways....dye, paint and even shoe polish.  I collect fallen needles from the long leaf pine tree, clean and dry them.  These are sewn on with a natural jute interspersed with beads.

The paper baskets have intrigued me for years.  I finally mastered the cat's ears, those little points at the bottom.  The paper strips are cut from painted paper, 1/4 " wide.  I've woven baskets using many different fibers and reeds, but the paper basket is my favorite. The gourds and paper baskets can be seen at Franklin Squre Gallery in Southport, NC