Painting is a big part of my  life.  I have a studio at home and I am there most days.  I am very drawn to color, especially lots of bright rich color.  Oil paints remind me of frosting on a cake...thick, creamy and luscious.

Now that life has changed and we are in the midst of the pandemic,  I find my subject matter is changing.  In addition to  beach themes, I'm working on several paintings of solitary life.  This one on the right is a good example.

Stay safe!

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Wild Flowers

I often work in a series.  This series is Garden People.  I always have a sketch book with me.  The faces are always vague;  it is the body language that interests me.

I am also working on a series of paintings based on a theme of birds on rooftops.  It is a simple theme, yet there are endless ways to do it.

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My paintings can be seen  at the Franklin Square Gallery in Southport, NC. and at ArtExposure in Hampstead NC.

Franklin Square will be opening on March 1.

ArtExposure is open 10-5, Tuesday through Saturday.

Brave in the Waves
Jumpin' Jack
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Oil.  10x10